Last night I lay in my bed but I couldn’t get any sleep
I got up and checked the clock. It was nearly three
I stepped outside and I beheld a star-studded sky
Made me wonder at my significance and purpose in life
The road was quiet and peaceful. The winds were blowing soft
I wondered if this is what paradise is all about
Just then my paradise was disturbed by the sound of bullet shots
I think it came from my home but I wished it didn’t
I rushed to the scene and the horror enveloped
Father, he was dead
Mother, she had a bullet in her head
Brother, he was gone
Sister, she will never wake up now
I knelt at my mother’s bed and I held her hand
“Why did she have to leave me all alone?” I began to cry
Just then an arm grabbed me from behind
Pointed a gun to my head and asked me to make a final wish
“I wish to be with my mother.” I said
“Very well. Brace yourself.” he said
I took a deep breath as he began to count
Sweat dripping from my forehead
Heart beating ferociously
And then I woke up from my dream, gasping for breath
My head was in a spin and my pillow was wet with sweat
I looked around and everything seemed all right
I had a glass of water just to recollect my heart beat
I checked the clock. It was nearly three
I looked outside the window. It was the same night sky
Streets were all empty. The winds they must be soft
I rested my head on the pillow to try and catch some sleep
But I was wide awake now. A thought disturbing me
Some lives are imperfect. For me, it was just a dream
I wonder if this is what paradise is all about

Monster Under My Bed

There is a monster I believe

Right under my little bed

If I make the slightest noise

I may end up dead

He loves the taste of children

He’s got gigantic eyes

I have never seen him but

I know Mommy never lies

Mommy says if I grow up

The monster will leave me then

I am only seven now

And the clock seems stuck on ten

My Imaginary Friend

I warned my imaginary friend not to come out again

Daddy’s getting edgy. Mommy doesn’t sleep at night

But he doesn’t listen to me. He’s got an evil brain

He waits for his moment and then turns off all the lights

He’s got a plan for tonight when the full moon comes out

It isn’t far away. The plan will be executed anytime soon

I can already hear Mommy and Daddy shout

Oh wait, there. There’s the full moon

A Year Ago

‘Twas last year on this very day

Giant rats flooded the streets

It seemed they found a place to play

As they tore the town to bits

Found in every nook and corner

Of houses, stores and bus

The town was pretty soon taken over

With no piper to save us

And when the damage was complete

A loss of thousand lives or more

The rats they knelt at my feet

I took them to the shore

On our way I thought of a man

The piper of Hamelin

And my mind hatched a plan

To kill them would be a sin

To a chemical lab we detoured

An army I did grow

A hundred towns we secured

It all started a year ago

Lost In The Woods

Lost in the woods alone I stand

With night sky overhead

Not so far away a river streams

With water of bloody red

The birds are quiet or may be dead

The trees are spitting fire

The bugs they bite my legs and hands

In this flaming empire

Fail I do to understand

The cause for hollow screams

The winds they seem to never tire

To ridicule my dreams

2 Voices In My Head

2 voices in my head

Haunt me night and day

One tells tales of horror

The other of decay

2 voices in my head

Do not let me sleep

They show me the consequences

Of the secrets that I keep

2 voices in my head

Torture my mind

One acts very selfish

The other acts unkind

2 voices in my head

Have found a home to stay

They’ll be with me forever

I know they won’t betray

A Tremendous Shame

I read a news the other day

About an empty town

All the folks they stay away

For a ghost comes around

I also read about a family

Happy and tightly-knit

All of them died mysteriously

They blame it on a spirit

I heard a horror story

Yesterday on the radio

A sweet girl named Dorie

Vanished in the middle of her show

I don’t know what to make of it

‘Tis a tremendous shame

They’re calling me all sorts of things

They really could use my name