​A Message For You

Hey girl, there’s something I want

To say to you

It’s quite apparent, isn’t it?

My jaws just drop, my eyes pop out

Whenever I set my happy eyes on you

But it’s not because you’re beautiful

Or simple or sweet

Neither pretty nor cute

My eyes do hurt, my jaws do drop

And I realise my worth

Whenever you are near or around because you look

Like a ghost from my darkest imaginations

And sometimes like a monster and a calamity

Just a little suggestion for you

Try wearing a mask

If you can

Take my little advice

Who knows it just might help you

To look less like a dinosaur


Towards heaven, I turned my head

With the night sky, dark and red

An arrangement I did behold

Precious more than a thousand gold

The night stars lined up in play

Shining brighter than the sun of day

As if they were willing to play a game

And formed a constellation of your name

Then I turned my head to the other side

And my smile grew further wide

The brightest stars of the endless space

Drew a constellation of your face

​Woman Or God?

Travelled I have to space and beyond

Been to the future and back

Visited the past in memories so fond

Without having ever to unpack

Wherever my feet have led me

In all of water, air and land

Not a girl am I yet to see

More exquisite than thy hand

Your voice fills the atmosphere

The stars bow as you nod

Flowers pave a path so clear

Are you woman or God?

​If I Was Ninety One

If I was ninety one

Nine more years till I’m done

I’d recall the fun

I had under the sun

When I was free, when I was young

If I was ninety one

If I was ninety two

I wouldn’t believe it to be true

That I made it through

Tuberculosis and flu

Dementia and paralysis too

If I was ninety two

If I was ninety three

Ugly as I can be

My heart will disagree

With whatever my head says to me

The whole body would be in jeopardy

If I was ninety three

If I was ninety four

Who would keep my score?

I’d wish for more

Staring at the floor

But I’ll be disappointed like before

If I was ninety four

If I was ninety five

Wondering how I’m still alive

I would have lost my drive

To thrive and survive

I’d wait for God’s carriage to arrive

If I was ninety five

If I was ninety six

In a world with much to fix

I’d get some kicks

Watching random flicks

About old women and their sticks

If I was ninety six

If I was ninety seven

With grandkids one to eleven

I’d ask some Evan

To drop me to Devon

Where I’ll wait for my heaven

If I was ninety seven

If I was ninety eight

Lying, hoping in wait

To learn about my fate

At heaven’s gate

Wondering if I’ve come too late

If I was ninety eight

If I was ninety nine

Finally across the line

Heaven’s finest wine

Would taste so divine

Everything else will be just fine

If I was ninety nine

If I was a hundred

I’d wake up in my bed

That feeling I’d dread

When I find that I’m not dead

I’d wish I was a tortoise instead

If I was a hundred

If I Was A Young Zombie

If I was a young zombie

In a boring, normal city

I would have to walk to school

For nobody would find it cool

To sit in a bus with me

If I was a young zombie

No kids would be friends with me

Alone I’d sit, alone I’d play

They’d hate me at night. They’d hate me all day

It would feel so terrible and lonely

If I was a young zombie

Unlike the ones they show on T.V.

I’d be nice to one and all

Humans, big or small

Even though I’d go hungry

If I was a young zombie

They’d call me ‘Green Belly’

They’d laugh and talk

About how I eat and walk

I’d go crying to my family

If I was a young zombie

I’d be mad and unhappy

I’d swap my dollars and cash

For a little meat and flesh

Then I’d be glad and happy

If I was a young zombie