Angel Of Love

When I woke up early this morning

I was given quite a stern warning

By sweet little angels from heaven

Who asked me to stay home till eleven

It was clearly written in my fate

That today I would find my soul mate

My innocent, well-guarded heart

And I will be torn apart

I’ll watch my heart just fly away

As it finds a new home to stay

In the begining, it may feel so swell

But eventually, it won’t end so well

There will be hurt. There will be pain

So the angels smiled and warned again

Just stay home in your bed all day

And let today just fly away

But as stubborn as I really am

I didn’t listen to a word of them

With a clear conscience in my head

I got up from my lazy bed

I got ready and I stepped outside

With a smile few inches wide

I’d rather love and take a fall

Than to never love at all

The angels knew that they had lost

Though it was me who was to pay the cost

The angel of love marked a win

A new love story was about to begin

The Most Beautiful Place

Every beautiful place in this world

Isn’t half as beautiful as you

For you are a divine light

Far more beautiful than them

Even Sun and Moon do throw

Light down only for you

The most beautiful place is you

Oh, how I wish you knew it too

Would you like me to show it to you?

Every poem is marked to you

Read them carefully, won’t you?

It Seems I’ve Caught A Fever

It seems I’ve caught a fever. The strangest one there could be

Symptoms include poor reflexes and extreme loss of memory

I’ve visited all the doctors. Followed their prescriptions

Forget finding a cure, my fever eludes description

It keeps me awake all night. The food just tastes so bland

There seems to be no co-ordination between my legs and my hands

I bump into people and objects. My head jumps from thought to thought

Only prayers can save me now. There’s no hope that I’ve got

This is a serious impairment but don’t you worry about me

There may be no vaccination but I’m sure to find a remedy

Till then, I’ll just wait for someone to come and give me a hug

And pray that nobody ever gets bitten by the love bug

A Happy Ending

Take a little box now. Put all your dreams inside

All of them will come true. I’d never let them die

But promise me just one thing. You’d never leave my side

Make me a part of your dreams. That’s where I want to lie

I can promise you one thing

No matter what we may go through

There will be a happy ending

I know I often struggle to keep my heart on check

Without you there’s no colour, it’s just white and black

Without you I ain’t human, just a piece of wreck

I have to have you with me. So please just come right back

And our love will be ascending

No matter what we may face

There will be a happy ending

There’s a fallen empire. Here’s a mighty king

You can be a queen now. I’d do anything

I am on my knees for you with a diamond ring

Look at me and say ‘yes’ and bring me eternal spring

Beyond the clear night sky, my love is transcending

Time and tide may cease but my love is never ending

And I promise you one thing

There will be a happy ending

Blind, Deaf And Dumb

I’ve got to make a confession

I hope that you don’t mind

I can only see your face

To others, I am blind

I can hear your whispers

Even hear you in my dreams

I must be turning deaf now

For I can’t hear others scream

People talk to me all the time

But I am totally numb

I only respond to your voice

To others, I am dumb

I only want you around me

Others, I just ignore

They are all just diseases

You are my only cure

A Little Love

When you are trembling, I hold your hand

When you are lonely, I am your friend

Give me a chance

Just a little chance

Hold my hand

And then we’ll dance

When you are upset, I am your smile

You forget your sorrows for a little while

Give me a sign

Just a little sign

I’ll walk a mile

And then we’ll be fine

When you are afraid, I am your wall

Save you from your fears. Never let you fall

Give me love

A little love

Or just give it all

And let it pour from above

Will You Be My Valentine?

Wishes are lost diamonds

Inside a treasure chest

Love is all I need now

Let them keep the rest

You are in my head now and I just cannot wait

Open up your arms now and hold me till it’s late

Under the starry night sky while the angels write our fate

Believe my words as I write down, in the golden sky

Each and every thought

Magic and love aren’t far away from here when

You are all I’ve got

Violins fill the air with music

As the leaves begin to sway

Little do they know that

Evening’s here to play

Need I ever ask you

To be my valentine?

I know the answer but I’d still go ahead and ask you

No need for you to say anything. Silence seems so fine

Each breath of yours is an answer. I know you are mine