​A Message For You

Hey girl, there’s something I want

To say to you

It’s quite apparent, isn’t it?

My jaws just drop, my eyes pop out

Whenever I set my happy eyes on you

But it’s not because you’re beautiful

Or simple or sweet

Neither pretty nor cute

My eyes do hurt, my jaws do drop

And I realise my worth

Whenever you are near or around because you look

Like a ghost from my darkest imaginations

And sometimes like a monster and a calamity

Just a little suggestion for you

Try wearing a mask

If you can

Take my little advice

Who knows it just might help you

To look less like a dinosaur


55 thoughts on “​A Message For You

  1. Love this poem, amazing turnaround! Actually, this is my only way to contact you since I don’t see any other tabs. I wanted to say that I nominated you and 10 others for the “Sunshine Blogger Award” which is dedicated to blogs that are creative, positive, inspirational, or uplifting. And your blog has been one of my all time favorites for its creative aspect. So if you want, I can give you the guidelines? I know it is often given to new bloggers – and sometimes bigger bloggers – but it is the least I could do to show appreciation of your work.

    Liked by 1 person

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