Just To Prove My Love

You don’t believe my love, do you?

You want me to prove that it’s true

Well, I cannot bring down a star for you

I cannot bring down Moon

I cannot say it’s October when it’s actually June

I cannot make an elephant fly

Or write your name in the clear, blue sky

I cannot even teach a monkey or a crocodile to cry

I cannot make a cuckoo sing my song

Or make right what is already wrong

I cannot even keep an ostrich dancing for long

I cannot cook a meal

I cannot make your dreams real

I cannot even make you feel like I do

Cannot make you feel any more special than I already do

I cannot write a poem. Can’t tie my shoe

Cannot fight a war. Can’t turn the ocean blue

Can’t turn a stone into a butterfly

Cannot even prove my words aren’t just a piece of lie

If you really want to see my love, just look into my eye

If you couldn’t see it there, I really wouldn’t know why

Then just to prove my love, I guess I would have to die


25 thoughts on “Just To Prove My Love

  1. Good Morning Frank,

    Last night I was reading W H Davies, the Welsh supertramp poet, who rode freight trains in America before settling back in Britain.

    The Example

    HERE’S an example from
    A Butterfly;
    That on a rough, hard rock
    Happy can lie;
    Friendless and all alone
    On this unsweetened stone.
    Now let my bed be hard
    No care take I;
    I’ll make my joy like this
    Small Butterfly;
    Whose happy heart has power
    To make a stone a flower.
    W.H. Davies

    Not the same thought as you, but I thought you’d like it!


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  2. Nothing I say here can capture how beautiful your poems are to me. I’m sure everyone else has already found the words. Intoxicating. Thank you for writing…and letting your words weave around our minds and hearts.

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