I Fear I Am Weak

I fear I am weak
And you might never know
I’ve sown evil seeds
And have let them grow

Layers within my mind
Lie and deceive
I feel I’m in control
Or am I made to believe?

Under the starry night
I quietly lay
Sleep will heal all wounds
Or so I pray


28 thoughts on “I Fear I Am Weak

  1. Starry nights may do much, even where evil seeds have been sown.
    Thank you, Frank, for this poem that speaks to me, and for your reading and liking so much on my blog.
    Elaine Danforh

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  2. Ah, the wonderful escape of sleep. For a few hours, we can pretend like reality does not exist, like our pain and struggle do not exist and instead just enjoy the bliss of our dreams.

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  3. A powerful message, as we are all weak. Facing our imperfections and striving for “sleep” to change our ways is a positive step. Thank you for your wonderful words. Beautiful poem!

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