Nightmares Never End

You hope this is just a dream
My friend, or so you pretend
Dreams last a night, it seems
But nightmares never end


52 thoughts on “Nightmares Never End

  1. There was a time I thought my nightmares wouldn’t end, from childhood to about my thirties, I quit listening to those dominant voices in my life, and started putting better people in my life. Now at sixty-four, I think that was the best thing I did in my life. Essentially, I left society to fend for itself, glad I did; no more nightmares.

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  2. We don’t need evil to appreciate good. We don’t need darkness to appreciate light. We don’t need hunger to appreciate being full. We can have an abundant life, or not, and still be filled with joy.

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  3. I’m not discounting your experiences but I tend to look at everything as a reason and purpose for why things happen in life, that why I can validate my growth, understanding, and gratitude. I write this in love not indifference. 😊

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  4. Hey Frank!

    Nightmares plague me but they do not frighten me; perhaps I’m journeying through parts of myself previous unknown. That’s a nightly occurrence…. it’s all part of growing I suppose…

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