Smile A Little

Hey girl, you seem to be a little upset

What is it that has you feeling so bad?

Do not give this world a cause to regret

Smile a little now and you won’t feel so sad

If you don’t smile

The roses wouldn’t bloom

This world will be doomed

If you don’t smile

There would be total gloom

Smile a little now

So the sun can shine a little now

I can feel a little fine now

What do you say?

We go out to dine a little now?

So smile a little and brighten up this day

Hear the birds sing from far away

Till the stars sparkle in the night sky

And never let that pretty smile die

​Sweet Angel

Heaven’s not the only place for angels

There are some here on earth as well

And I think I know one of them

If it is still not so clear

Let me spell it out to you

I believe you’re my angel

Sweet angel, take me home

The place where I belong

Somewhere between the words of truth and danger

Sweet angel, take my hand

Let me leave this all behind

They’ve got no eyes to see my heart break in pieces

I know bliss when I see you smile

Feel the joy it brings

There is some kind of magic in you

Sing a song so simple and pure

Fill this world with hope

There is no morning without your light

Sweet angel, take me home

Give me wings to fly

Let me go beyond the clouds with you

Sweet angel, take my hand

I believe it is time

They’ve got no heart to feel my pain and sorrow

If we were in a different world

In a different land we laid

Would our lives be any smoother?

For every time that I see your face

I feel a deep fear inside

What if this is the very last time?

Sweet angel, take me home

The place where I belong

I think I could use a warm shelter

Sweet angel, take my hand

I believe it is time

Time to die for a moment with you

​One Final Request

If God would come down and say

That today is my last day

And grant me one final request

To do what my heart felt best

I would take that chance

And ask for one last dance

With the girl I would leave my heart to

For she’d always keep it true

And when that dance will be complete

God will offer me a chariot’s seat

But He can only take my body away

For my soul will forever stay

​For You I Built A Special Home

For you I built a special home

With spacious rooms and a giant dome

With a view, of which you can’t get enough

The kind of home you’ve always dreamed of

It will keep you safe, it will keep you warm

Keep you away from any harm

Protect you from hurt and pain

Make you learn to smile again

‘Tis where I’d like you to spend your life

I’d be your man, you’d be my wife

So tell me the day when you’d like to start

And move in to stay in my heart?

​O’ Stars, O’ Stars

O’ stars, o’ stars

Why do you shine?

Why do you shine down?

Why do you shine down on her?

Your light, your light

Makes her beautiful

Makes her more beautiful

Makes her more beautiful than any other

O’ stars, o’ stars

Why don’t you shine on other girls?

Shine down on Emma, May and Jane

Your light, your light

Won’t be wasted on them

They could really use some glow

O’ stars, o’ stars

Leave my girl to me

Your light, your light

She really doesn’t need

​The World Is Made Of

They say this world is made of planets

Stars, galaxies and heavens

Black holes and skies

Lies, lies, lies

They say this world is made of water

Land, air and ether

Empty space and fireballs

False, false, false

My world is made of your face and voice

Your smile, your words so true

It isn’t about heavens, stars or skies

My world is made of you

​My Day Doesn’t Start

My day doesn’t start

When the sun comes out

Or when I get out of my bed

Or when the rooster crows

My day doesn’t start

Until I see your face

Until I see you smile

That beautiful smile of yours

When you talk with me

In love, it is done

That’s when my sun comes out

I know my day’s begun