Never Love Again

Someday I will tell you just exactly how I feel

If I am able to figure out what is right and what is real

Then I’ll hold you close and leave my fate completely in your hands

Or I may turn around and walk away just as I may have planned

I know not what is in my stars and in my destiny

But I know that sooner or later the truth will set me free

Till then I’ll just close my eyes and try not to feel any pain

And pray to God in the heavens above that I never love again

Every Cloud Has A Story

Out there floats a ball of dust

Smoke and gas and hollowed rust

Swimming in the sky with swollen glory

Every cloud has his story

As they’re born they form and float

While they live they quietly gloat

Some they rain and some they blow

Only a few call a splendid show

For some you reserve your euphory

Every cloud has his story

Every leaf has his glory

Every dew has his story

Every breath has his glory

Every cloud has a story

I Gave You My All

I gave you my heart, I gave you my soul

I gave you my time, I gave you my all

I still asked you just to be sure

If you needed anything more

But you always mocked and laughed

What I gave you was never enough

You wanted me to smile while I bleed

You wanted me to know all that you will need

Now it doesn’t matter since you’re gone

You’ve flown away and I’ve moved on

Hope you appreciate his heart and soul

Appreciate him, his time and all

​You, You, You

Yeah, you, you, you

I wrote a poem just for you

But you just couldn’t do

What I asked you to

Yeah, you, you, you

I wrote a song just for you

I spent an entire night thinking of you

Did you spare a moment for me too?

Yeah, you, you, you

I walked a mile just for you

When you called, I came to your rescue

But you didn’t even see me through

Yeah, you, you, you

I crossed an ocean just for you

Just to get to you

I climbed a mountain just for you

Just to be with you

But I guess you don’t want me

The way that I want you

Yeah, you, you, you

I’ve had enough of you

Now it’s going to be

Me, me, me

Yeah, me, me, me

​3 Voices In My Head

3 voices in my head

Scream and shout

Make my head all dizzy

Fill me up with doubt

3 voices in my head

One asks me to wake

Two likes to stay in bed

Three just needs a break

3 voices in my head

One wants me to write

Two raises his voice

Three gets into a fight

3 voices in my head

One tells me to work

Two is lazy

Three goes berserk

3 voices in my head

I listen to None

She is peaceful and quiet

She’s a lot of fun

A Love Must Die

We’re so apart and it hurts too much
I can’t handle the pain
I wonder if you’re doing all right
Nights are lonely and days are long
Makes it hard to stay strong
I talk to myself sometimes all night
A love must die or a heart’ll bleed
There is a gap left by your light
There’s a hole in my soul
Only you can heal me now with your touch
Sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows
But it’s all the same to me
Without you, life is incomplete
A love must die so the other could breed
Call my name and set me free
Take my heart away
It isn’t much but it’s all I’ve got
Maybe together we won’t last a day
Unless we give our all
Now my fate lies in your heart
Life is short and love is pure
Some things are never meant to be
A love must die so a life could breathe