The Sky Is Where She Belongs

In a little cage, I kept a tiny bird

Sang the sweetest songs that I have ever heard

Born with red feathers and a golden beak

A perfect companion I never had to seek

I fed and looked after her day and night

But she always yearned the freedom of the flight

And though it hurt to see her in such a pain

I knew she was safer here than back out again

So I tried my best to make her feel at home

But her heart was in the skies and always felt alone

So one day I opened the door of her cage a little bit

To see if she loved the cage or wanted to get out of it

She flew away in an instant without a passing glance

I wondered if she was always waiting for a chance

And I saw her fly in little circles to express her joy

Reminded of the time when I was a little boy

Now she’s on her own and not within my sight

I don’t know if hunger can be cured by the freedom of the flight

For I know she isn’t brave enough to stay up in a fight

I don’t know if she’ll ever find a shelter to sleep at night

It has been almost a year now since I last heard her voice

It may have been difficult but I think she made the right choice

The journey will be difficult but she will come out strong

The cage was her prison. The sky is where she belongs

My Poor Soul’s Cries

When the stars have all disappeared

And the night is on its last leg

I wouldn’t have a single memory

Which I would like to borrow or beg

Except for those little dreams

Which I lived with open eyes

While my heart played a simple song

To silence my poor soul’s cries

For my happiness is attached

To a word I do not expect

I may have heard it a thousand times

But not in the same context

Though it shall hurt me to think

That it may forever be this way

I couldn’t help but smile thinking

That she loved me for a day

When The Day Comes

When the day comes

Some will laugh and some will cry

Some will cheer and some will sigh

But I won’t be there to ask why

When the day comes
Some will go and others will stay

And say what they have to say

But I’ll be on my way

When the day arrives
Some will remain and others will unfold

And all my stories shall be sold

But I’ll be on my way
I’ll be on my way

Tomorrow Is Always A Beautiful Day

Hurt and pain are here to stay

And I expect more sorrow to come my way

But I will let today fly away

For tomorrow is always a beautiful day

Let her shine

I see her face amidst the light

Of a star-studded night

And her voice is like an angel that I hold divine

Asking me if I could cross the line

And make her mine

And take her in my arms and let her shine. Let her shine

And I know that a day will come

When we will become

A fallen star on the edge of an unwanted time

So let me stand through this pain

For it’ll never come again

She helps me to forget all that will hurt me. So I let her shine

When the rain falls on her face

There is no other place

That I would rather be in that moment of time

Every little hole in my heart

Is crying for a start

And the moon paints a picture of her soul. So I let her shine

The Man Who Lost His Sleep

In his heart, all the lies he would keep

The man who lost his sleep

Fearing the consequences, he would lie awake

For all the trust that he would break

And so he prayed to God on a particular night

And asked to be shown a guiding light

But never a voice, against his prayer did return

He believed himself to be unforgiven

Did he just happen to paint his whole life black

Or was there ever any way back?

He sought and sought. He sought and cried

And at a solution he arrived

He thought it would be better to end his life

Rather than telling the truth to his kids and wife

And so he knocked on the heaven’s door

And waited till the count of four

And the gates opened up very wide

The angels took him by their side

And showed him what his life could have been

If he had not succumbed within

And every picture and every scene

Rolled out right in front of him

His wife was upset and she let it show

The kids lost their favourite hero

But they were willing to pardon him

And were ready to start again

And never a step again did he take wrong

All his crimes seemed far too long

And as they rolled out the final scene

The man woke up from his dream

And saw his wife sleeping free

And kissed her head tenderly

And he knew what he had to do

Wake up tomorrow and be true

And though that night, the angels saw him weep

The man was thankful for he lost his sleep

In Her Eyes

Walking by my side

Smiling wide

Her heart gifts the kindest replies

Without having tried

I see it all in her eyes

Whispering in my ear

Right here

While time so easily flies

All that I want to hear

Is all spoken by her eyes

And nothing matters more

Like before

Guided by the angels’ cries

I find my shore

And it is all in her eyes