I Left The Window Open And In Came A Thought

I left the window open
And in came a thought
The thought turned into an idea
The idea into a poetry
The poetry changed my life


I Left The Window Open And In Came A Clone

I left the window open and in came a clone
While I was all alone
He looked around my home
Claimed to be his own
I had him known
I’ll have him thrown
If he doesn’t walk out on his own
He didn’t like my tone
He gave a loud groan
Lifted me up from my throne
Threw me out with my phone
Damn we even share a heart of stone

Next day while he was alone
Through the same window in my home
I surprised the clone
Lifted him from my throne
Had him thrown

Now me and my clone
Play this game all day long
I’ve even forgotten
Who’s the real one

I Left The Window Open And God Came In

I left the window open
And God came in
My hands began to tremble
My feet were shakin’
He stood there confused
Glanced around for a while
He examined my face
And then gave a wry smile
“I was supposed to meet,” He said
“A diminutive mouse”
“There are none around here.” I said
“You’ve got the wrong house”
“I guess I’d be leaving.” He said
“Is there anything you want from me?”
“I have quite a collection.” I said
“Can I have a selfie?”

I Left The Window Open And In Came A Genie

I left the window open and in came a genie
He granted me three wishes but I asked for many
He didn’t budge at all so I finally agreed
“Will they come true?”, I asked. “Oh yes, indeed.”
So I asked for money and a smokin’ hot wife
I also asked the genie for a better life
He burst out laughing. He asked me if I was a clown
He had never heard a better joke from anyone in town
I stood there confused watching the genie laugh
At my very expense, he had a chuckle enough
“If you never intended, why sneak in at all
To grant me three wishes when nobody called?”
The genie said, “I can give you gold and cash
Litter this little house of yours with diamond studded trash
But I can’t grant you a better life than the one you’ve already got
If you also have for yourself a wife who’s smokin’ hot.”

I Left The Window Open And A Dame Came In

I left the window open
And a dame came in
Pretty and beautiful
She found a spot within
A little soft corner in
The depths of my heart
She stayed for a little while
Then things fell apart
She left me and was gone
Except her memory
Now she’ll be in my head
As an unsolved mystery
Where would she be now?
Is there a clue to show?
I wonder sometimes why
She came in through the window