Into A River I Plunged My Soul – Part 2

Into a river I plunged my soul
Naked and neck-deep
The strong tides made me lose control
And away she did sweep


I Wish I Was A Better Man

I wish I was a drop of rain

Falling down on earth

When I die I’ll feel no pain

For all that I was worth

I wish I was a little bird

With wings to soar the sky

Every morning I’ll be heard

As I sing and fly

I wish I was a better man

With no sin against my name

For I won’t be praying then

To help me heal my shame

No More Work For Me

Here I am at my desk

Doing my regular work

I’m doing the best I can

Trying not to be a jerk

There’s so much work to be done

So many files to complete

So many people to please

So many deadlines to meet

Is this what I was born for?

I won’t be coming to work tomorrow

There is so much pressure

That it gives me a fright

I think about it at home

I think about it at night

I try to catch some sleep

But it is just no good

I do what I shouldn’t

I smile when I should

Yell and say, “I can’t take it anymore”

I won’t be coming to work tomorrow

I feel like a robot

Doing the same old stuff

Except that it gets harder

Except that it gets tough

For I have no motivation

I have no regards

For work that is perfectly

Suitable for retards

I should have quit this place a long time ago

I won’t be coming to work tomorrow

The screen’s getting blurry

The keyboard’s laughing at me

The mouse is getting squeaky

Is this where I should be?

The pen refuses to write

The fingers refuse to type

The head knows not what is right

Is this all a massive hype?

Don’t you feel sorry for my sorrow?

I won’t be coming to work tomorrow

I’ve got a solution

I’d quit and I’ll resign

I don’t give a damn

I won’t stay here till nine

I’d spend time with my kids

I’d spend time with my wife

I’d do all that I love

I’d go out and live my life

So I grab my boss’ collar and let him know

I won’t be coming to work tomorrow

The Sky Is Pouring Fire

The sky is pouring fire
Every drop is burning my skin
Like a wretched liar
That leaks of sins within
Futile it is to seek
A shelter for the flames inside
‘Tis better not to speak
And let the truth decide
What is written in my fate
Should I run or should I wait
What is right and what is not
What is lost and what is got