To My Wonderful Wife

Oh my dear darling
I’m indebted to you
I feel so beautiful
Each time I look at you

To treasure little joys
That is what I’ve learned
Ever since I’ve met you
Bigger joys haven’t come

I used to be so stupid
Foolish and dumb
Now I’m a philosopher
Writing wise poems

Your presence has changed me
Turned around my life
So this is a poem
To my wonderful wife


Jumping Bouncing Words

I’m trying to write a poem
But words are off the track
I’m running around after them
But they aren’t coming back
They’re all over the house
But on this blank page
Jumping bouncing everywhere
To avoid the dreaded cage
I won’t be able to write again
They’re a nuisance, a maniac
I’d have to find a new job
Oh wait they’re coming back

Peculiar Green Guests – Part 2

Two green creatures
Dropped down on land
One grabbed my legs
The other my hands
Threw me in their spaceship
Tied me up in chains
Took a large sample
Of blood from my veins
They cut my head open
To examine my brain
They didn’t find anything
So they looked again
They searched further inside
Right up to my knee
They didn’t find anything
Except a playful bee

Bees Are Beautiful

I was sleeping with an open mouth
A bee dropped by and headed south
Bees are beautiful
I can feel her now inside of me
She’s flying around my kidney
Bees are beautiful
Bees are intelligent
I’m sure she has a lot of brains
She is controlling all my veins
Bees are beautiful
Bees are intelligent
More beautiful and intelligent
She is making me do things
If I refuse, the brute stings
Bees are beautiful
Bees are intelligent
More beautiful and intelligent
Than any man
She now controls my right hand
She wrote a poem. Did you understand?

The Wise Guru

The family stood divided
Each one against the other
Hatred and bitterness
Filled the atmosphere
They sought help of a guru
Wise and renowned
To end all disputes with
Words deep and profound
The guru chanted mantras
Closed his eyes and prayed
Seemingly spoke to God
The message he out laid
“Right in your backyard
There lies a treasure chest
Dig up as quick as you can
Your woes shall be addressed
The treasure is large and hefty
It will fill your lives with gold
God has blessed your house
Or so I’ve been told”
The whole family took up spades
Began digging the yard
All the disputes went on hold
For they were digging very hard
Now after a week of toil
They didn’t find any chest
No gold in their pockets
No woes were addressed
They stormed to the guru
Who calmly asked them to sit
He said he’d explain it all
If they’d only permit
“A week you spent digging
Not once did you fight
You all worked together
Whether day or night
You didn’t find any treasure?
I say you struck gold
There’re no rubies in your pockets
But unity in your soul”
The family wasn’t convinced
“The week’s over,” they said
“We’ll go back fighting now
Until we’re all dead”
“For a solution,” said the guru
“Which is permanent
Kindly pay at the counter
Free trial’s a week extent”

12 Things For A Beautiful Day

A compliment that makes you fly
A joke that makes you cry
Feeling the warmth of the sun
Snuggling on a couch with a loved one
Smell of beautiful fresh flowers
Singing in the shower
Free time to yourself
Random act of kindness to someone else
Sight of birds flying south
Chocolate melting in your mouth
Sipping coffee while listening to a rainfall
A simple poem to top it all